NUMB – a short play

concept: Dagmar Bock

creation & performance: Dagmar Bock, Romain Guion

music: Tomas Jeker

dramaturgy: Tom Schneider

production management: Sam Mosimann

production: Jet Set

supported by: City of Zürich, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Schweizerische Interpretengenossenschaft, Georges und Jenny Bloch Stiftung, Showroom z+, Inkubator Fabriktheater Zürich

thank‘s to: Simone Aughterlony, Dr. Manfred Rütschle, Uwe Kästner

In the perfomance «NUMB – a short play» we reflect on violence – violence that our society creates, obvious and subtle forms of violence between human beings, and its extreme forms of expression. How does violence manifest itself in our bodies? ….

pics: © avi sliman