Pic: @ Christoph Neumann

Standing at the Crossroad – eine Tanzinstallation

concept: Dagmar Bock, Jana Beckmann

creation & performance: Dagmar Bock, Natalia Pieczuro, Franz Rogowski

stage design: Robert Peter, Moira Gilliéron

music: Dominik Blumer

dramaturgy: Jana Beckmann

production management: Lukas Piccolin

production: Jet Set

co-production: Tanzhaus Zürich

supported by: City of Zurich, Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Migros-Kulturprozent

Premiere Tanzhaus Zürich 2013

Through freedom of choice, we experience a sense of freedom. How free is this freedom really? When does freedom become a burden? To what extent is it possible to act autonomously and defy the excess of decision-making possibilities?
Three performers, a musician, a stage designer, an architect, a dramaturg jointly create a dance installation that enables the visitor to look their own decision-making strategies in the eye: humorously, furtively, directly.